William Turner

William Turner, born in 1920, is one of the last of the great living Northern Industrial painters -- who belonged to the circle of artists who surrounded and were influenced by L.S. Lowry -- Alan Lowndes, Kenneth Gribble, Theodore Major, Harold Riley etc. Lowry followed a personal vision, little influenced by the works of other painters. William Turner, however, in the fifties and sixties was a regular visitor to the exhibitions held at the Crane Kalman Gallery, Manchester, where he absorbed the works of the German Expressionists and the French Fauves particularly Beckmann, Vlaminck, Soutine, Chagall, Rouault, Segonzac.

He re-interpreted their colours and techniques and applied them in a very personal way to the industrial landscapes of the N.W. of England.

Turner's work is more and more widely collected and is in the collections of Sir Peter Ustinov, Sebastien Coe, Eddie Shah, Freddy Pye, Stockport Art Gallery, Saab Motors, Manchester Education Committee and throughout the world.

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